I want the

real thing, baby.

And I know it when I see it. 

Do you?

There are many things I am not.


I am not a woman that waits for things to come to her. Not a wallflower but rather a wild rose reaching for the sun. Poised, yes. Passive, never.   


I want the real thing, baby. And I know it when I see it. Do you?


I am not one for small talk or narrow horizons. Ambition makes no apology for itself and neither do I. You may call me a dreamer, but I’ve been known to bring my visions to fruition.


I am not a woman who tempers her sexuality, or hides the light of her desire. Not the muse but the artist. Subject, not object. 


But as for what I am?


I am an explorer: Unafraid of the unknown and with an ache for adventure. I’m the architect of a life crammed full of inspiration and exhilaration; good stories and better whisky.


I am a woman that knows her own mind and probably knows yours too. I have a dark sense of humor with a buoyant laughter. And in my experience, a spoonful of fantasy makes reality all the sweeter. 


Above all, I am a someone that has wilderness in her soul and the belief that magic like the essence of a woman must be experienced and not explained.

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